Chuchichäschtli is an adhesive film that you can order based on your kitchen measurements – you can stick it on and take it off without leaving a trace. Any questions? Just click here.

When placing your order, indicate the measurements in centimeters to one decimal place.


To ensure precision, place your tape measure against the door edge.

In this example, the measurement to include in your order would be 37.9 cm.



Are the edges of your doors rounded?

If so, provide the widest measurement.

YODEL adhesives are mainly designed for doors with straight-angled edges but can also be laid on doors with rounded edges. When applying your YODEL adhesive, you may have to slightly trim it using a knife or a pair of scissors (see image below for an example).

Do you want to order a rectangular adhesive without the side flaps?

This type of cut is suitable for covering the front of a dishwasher, for example. In this case, simply enter “0 cm” in the “depth” field.